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Formerly known as the Camp Ma-He-Tu Foundation


An Eloquent Endorsement from a Camp Trexler Alum

Posted on May 10, 2016 at 3:20 PM

The Foundation was blessed to receive two sponsorships of $25,000 towards its $150,000 Challenge Grant, one from Peter & Kathy Nurge and the other from the Croyder family.  Peter Nurge, who attended Camp Trexler with Harry Croyder, wrote the following:

I hope that today’s internet age, plugged-in kids can get beyond their phone screens and experience traditional camping. It was so influential in my life. Counsel fires, buddy checks, singing, elephant walks, yad sdrawkcab (figure it out!), canoe regatta, rappelling, the Trexler Times and the Babbler, cookout nights, CN Day, ghost stories, lanyards and dubious craft projects that only a parent could love. Dare I mention stealing totem poles, playing cards, liberating a pygmy goat or, heaven forbid, skinny dipping?

But, for me, it really came down to the people. Campers and counselors; friends and teachers. Andy Lindgren blowing reveille in a red union suit. Garet Church on the “desert” telling how the loon got its necklace. Nicky Johnson jumping over the counsel fire. Lou Ramey teaching us some interesting songs. Chef Hans’ bread. Writing the Trexler Times and songs for the staff show with Harry Croyder and Conrad Olsen. Mark Bynoe, Henry Florschutz, Aaron Mills, and the Smith, Stuger and Grotheer brothers. Families spanning both Ma-He-Tu and Trexler like the Beckers, Burfeinds, Ludwigs, Chiaravalles, Croyders, Fletchers and mine. Hulk, Tiny, Peanuts, Chuckles, Ma, Chin, Nursie, Rosie, Igoe, Ruthie…people who even today are identifiable by only one name. Like Rock stars!

We had incredible adventures. Enduring friendships. Treasured memories. Trexler’s light still burns brightly for me. We need to keep it burning through and for Ma-He-Tu.

We hope that Ma-He-Tu alumnae feel the same way, and step up to support Ma-He-Tu's endowment fund to maximize our wonderful challenge grant.  Camp Trexler is no longer operating... but we can keep its legacy alive along with Ma-He-Tu's!

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